Influencing lifestyle choices through demonstration and events

We run large scale events that demonstrate sustainable transport behaviours and lifestyles. For example:  We ran the Car Free Days in Edinburgh city centre. This involved full marketing strategy, street closures, sellers markets, arts entertainments, ranging bike demonstrations, schools participation, NGO stalls. We always focus on key messages and ensure that events are instrumental and have a high impact.

Meriel YoungInfluencing lifestyle choices through demonstration and events

Improving streets for pedestrian movement

We undertake streetscape and public realm surveys, presenting recommended design concepts to clients. Our focus is on excellent communication and inspiring people to engage and feel at ease communicating their own ideas, whether sketches, priority marking, film, art, models or whatever. For example: In Edinburgh we undertook pedestrian surveys on the North Bridge to Nicholson Square section and showcased the … Read More

Meriel YoungImproving streets for pedestrian movement

Stakeholder networking and development

We undertake a great variety of stakeholder engagement plans, from audience development plans for destination sites to stakeholder gaps analysis studies. For example:  We undertook a gaps analysis on who the FCS needed to engage more with to deliver the Scottish Forest Strategy across Central Scotland, and approaches to how to go about it. The commercial energy sector, NHS and … Read More

Meriel YoungStakeholder networking and development