We are experienced in tried and tested approaches to transport behavioural change and what constitutes worthy investment for achieving modal shift targets.

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We can deliver:

  • Promotional strategies for behavioural change, including co-ordination and practical delivery of influencing campaigns. Writing marketing and communications strategies, authoring and designing all communications capital- PR, social media, publications, demonstration, advertising, exhibitions, incentive facility systems and infrastructure, conferences, events.
  • As effective influencing is about more than short-term actions, we also offer; stakeholder building, chairing local and practitioner action groups, volunteer training, partnership developments and income generation delivery.
  • We get out and look at infrastructure, understand what’s affecting behavioural change and recommend priority improvements. To this end we undertake infrastructure surveys, market research and consumer surveys (including public realm). We have a clear understanding of what elements affect walking and cycling uptake both physically and attitudinally. We understand the microcosm of detail around encouraging walking from specific neighbourhoods and the focus required. To this end we recommend approaches and solutions that will make a large long-term impact on transport behaviour.
  • Branding new routes and transport facilities. Branding can have an outstanding impact on making less immediately tangible transport behaviour concepts like ‘walking more for short journeys less than 1 mile’ – more powerful. Consumers can get a message if it’s properly represented and associated to their immediate reality.
  • We ensure that brand objectives, messaging, attributes, differentiation and associations are built in at the planning stage to ensure that there’s no convoluted and subjective driven ideas (which is the common reasons why resultant branding fails). We run workshops that achieve clear direction and decision. We employ designers to produce best-fit designs for consultation and feedback from the client and consumer audiences.
  • Project funding and income generation. We can profile and segment projects and identify their fit to ranging funding pots. We will fill in applications and act as your organisations stand in and enquiry point to liaise and work with funders through to achieving their support.
  • Project management services where there is an internal staff shortage or lack of a specialism. This may include project managing an ongoing initiative, monitoring projects, finishing loose ends.


Where we add value:

  • Transport planning experience and familiarity with technical design and user issues as well as being transport policy and marketing professionals.
  • Less jargon more common sense.
  • Specialist knowledge of social marketing issues; strategy, compliance, advertising laws, equalities and quality.

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