MG ALBA digital media impact research

We undertook a national research study focusing on the impact of MGALBA media products; BBC ALBA, Radio nan Gael, BBC ALBA website, Learn Gaelic and Film G in relation to their awareness and impact on the Gaelic language. An initial step was a literature review of international sources in relation to minority languages media platforms; TV, radio, online content and apps. We then undertook workshops with different Gaelic language learner groups throughout Scotland including parents of children in GME, fluent speakers and those interested to learn Gaelic. We undertook workshop discussions, surveys and experimentation with online learning and media tools.

Following this we designed 3 National online surveys titled the Big Gaelic survey (see We launched the survey via a large scale media campaign that included the BBC News (BBC ALBA) with a live interview, a feature on the BBC news website, press coverage in all National and many regional newspapers and a live interview of the BBC Radio Nan Gael news programme, see

Our National surveys achieved a very high response rate with traits showing many areas of shared consensus across learner segments. We had collected enough robust evidence to be able to draw sound recommendations for future investment priorities, see See the full report at or,

If you’re interested in the results of the research then get in touch and we can discuss these. Also you may also be interested in our report commissioned by Bòrd na Gàidhlig (BnG) reviewing the success of long term approaches to supporting parents through Gaelic medium education.

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