Edinburgh and Lothian Greenspace Trust – Review of Tree Time

An inspirational scheme to increase canopy cover in the city of Edinburgh has been running for around 4 years. Everyone benefits: the public pay to adopt a tree across parks and city streets and all income generated is directed to tree replacement and increased planting across the city and beyond. The scheme forms part of Edinburgh’s million tree city ambition which recognises the value of a biophilic city where trees are always in sight and delivering multi-environmental, social and economic benefits.

We reviewed the impact of the scheme and if the marketing approaches and tree time product options were the best they could be. Product pricing varies according to the location, species, and size of the tree and whether a plaque is required or not.

We used google analytics to assess the cost-effectiveness of online adverts versus organic search and social media. We looked carefully at sales spikes during the annual event calendar. Trends emerged on the high impact of posters on parkland trees at entrance points and postcards in registry offices.

25 structured interviews with past Tree Time customers brought home the strong emotional associations people have to their adopted tree. The significance of their special chosen place, the natural environment in ever-changing light and the constant renewal of life is leaving tree adopters with a sense of life’s foreverness, helping heal their loss or celebrate a big life event.

The interviewees described their customer experience, what motivated their choice, whether they got what they wanted, how they found out about it and their likelihood to recommend the product option to friends and family. 

The reporting can be discussed with Meriel at merielyoung@tiscali.co.uk


Meriel YoungEdinburgh and Lothian Greenspace Trust – Review of Tree Time

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