Delivery plans Smarter Choices Smarter Places- City of Edinburgh Council (CEC)

Prioritising the use of £1M investment in sustainable transport from allocated SCSP funds. Production of costed delivery and implementation plans for 1M of investments in sustainable transport actions; walking, branding and website for cycling/walking, 20mph marketing, personalised travel plan, mapping and route marketing, festivals and culture, bikes on trams, CEC travel plan and Edinburgh park business centre employee travel plans.

The task involved working with specialist partner stakeholders who had the knowledge and insight to define practical actions that contributed to success. We also referred to leading CEC policy direction such as the CEC ATAP and Transport Strategy. Compiling time bound expenditure plans enabled a short burst of creativity. Everyone shared the outcome of behaviour change and the SCSP vision. Technical solutions were informed via new and existing survey data and stakeholder interviews. The right public products were customised to fit needs and alleviate bottlenecks such as where and how to disseminate cycling and walking information through new locational, leisure, lifestyle and online user contexts. Schemes support structures were built- in to achieve longevity with many programmes now mainstreamed. We built in programme evaluation. A risk analysis and equality and human rights considerations were also addressed. 

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Meriel YoungDelivery plans Smarter Choices Smarter Places- City of Edinburgh Council (CEC)

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