Commonwealth woods greener legacy programme 2014 Commonwealth Games

We wrote and delivered marketing strategy to grow local participation in neighbourhood woodlands in parts of Glasgow.

Our efforts were focussed on 10 forest destination sites lying mainly in deprived parts of greater Glasgow, plus Cuningar Loop (by the CG2014 athletes’ village). Led by Forestry Commission Scotland then Pagoda PR the aim was to get more people active through increasing visits to woods and employing strategies to hook their ongoing participation. Approaches included the promotion of useful routes though woodland, graded recreation walks, sculpture trails, creating meeting places, sharing in the building of local woodland identity past and present. See We were contracted to work on the marketing, engagement and programme content strategies plus visitor infrastructure and all content for the attached leaflet at We work transferably across consumer awareness and behavioural change campaigns – from health, transport, greenspace amenity and beyond.

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Meriel YoungCommonwealth woods greener legacy programme 2014 Commonwealth Games

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