Specialised programme management services on behalf of clients

We manage programmes for clients when they don’t have time. We plan and manage large scale events linked to behaviour change campaigns. We operate as a full project management agency delivering the complete event objectives, planning, marketing, campaign work, the event itself and monitoring.

The full agency approach reduces the clients input enormously. Operating as internal project managers we ensure to utilise in-house services cost effectively. Services often include; street and public safety, graphic design, signage and structures, public transport providers, licensing, environmental health and distribution services – through to facilitating and encouraging external stakeholders.

Our facilitation and marketing work is dynamic beginning with political permissions and negotiations, facilitating partnership fora (strategy leads, neighbourhood alliances, business groups) through to the detailed delivery stage involving everything from lamppost marketing, live radio, social media, bus stop ads, banners, schools engagement, unique entertainments, sign-ups and leaflets to special experiences. The monitoring and impact is measured against the predefined event objectives.

Examples within the transport sector include: Mela Choices/ EU CHAMP campaign for City of Edinburgh Council (CEC), Car Free Festivals, Edinburgh Festival of Cycling project management for CEC.

For more information get in touch with merielyoung@tiscali.co.uk

Meriel YoungSpecialised programme management services on behalf of clients

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