Providing quality project management and environmental marketing services to deliver improved lives, places and economies.

Meriel Young Consulting specialises in destination and behavioural change marketing for the outdoor environment encompassing tourism, sustainable transport, health, forests and green space sectors.  A full programme strategy, management and delivery service is available.

What makes us different?

  • We provide communications strategy as a core element of new infrastructure planning. We are infrastructure planners so we fully understand your work context.
  • We operate flexibly as a management company for site surveys and market research, stakeholder engagement, site-based infrastructure, and full communications strategy.  Pulling all elements together, and achieving project synergy and success is what we offer.
  • No size or methodology fits all when planning to engage, influence and build support from ranging audiences. We plan well-considered and best-fit customized approaches.
  • We assign the best contractor to particular jobs and manage your programme with confidence.


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