circle2Are you ready to talk about re-positioning a place?  Especially one of these: land for regeneration, path networks, streetscapes, visitor attractions, public realm,  countryside locations, open space, parks and play areas. There is so much re-invigoration to do!

We can provide the key elements of visitor infrastructure and destination marketing via:

  • A full design specification, output and delivery service for communications materials, from leaflets to web-cams, video, way-marking, PR to social media and loads more.
  • Applying solutions in all extremes: from changing perceptions and building a sense of community in regeneration areas, to increasing visitor numbers in emerging tourism areas.
  • Due to our outdoor recreation planning expertise, we marry site based design solutions to the external off-site marketing for visitor sites. This means that your marketing strategy can optimise on specific site qualities as well as promote nearby cluster attractions.
  • Experienced in consulting and negotiating a shared direction with ranging stakeholders.
  • Transformative marketing that recognises the uniqueness of locations and their full potential- showing great attention to supporters and influencers as much as investment potential.

In practice the sort of things we can do to help your mission are:

  • Assessing what needs done to drive visitors to your particular destination, supported by current information, perception surveys, existing social research, key stakeholder interviews, visitor site quality, access audit.
  • Provide an enhanced product offering either through additional attractions that will make a visitor impact or improved interpretation and access.  This may be anything from improved access, gateway features, seating, sculptures, picnic areas etc. Note that we never deliver useless interpretation!
  • Provide visitor infrastructure that supports the communication of your visitor product on or near to the site. Anything from information signs and orientation to interpretation aids, etcetera and what’s necessary to fulfil a quality visitor experience.
  • Provide communications strategy (including resources production) to drive visitors to the site. We can provide inked social media campaigns and building relationships with visitors and 3rd party promoters, things like websites and panorama videos, apps, web-cams, leaflets, interactive maps CRM systems, site branding and merchandising, competent and inspiring interpretation that makes for a great visitor journey.
  • Advice on income generation. We can recommend clear ways to increase income from your attraction, or landscape area.

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Where we add value:

  • We provide free of charge walkover consultations. We suggest investment actions that are based on a thorough consideration of the sites full potential linked to your strategic direction.  We review your existing and untapped markets and recommend inspired but sound and feasible solutions.
  • With 20 years of experience in outdoor recreation planning and marketing we can deliver a full project management service to clients to cover all elements of improving, re-launcing and promoting visitor places.


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