obese folkMany people who’d benefit the most from walking find it dull, or perceive their local area to be unsafe and murky. We are here to change peoples’ perception about the enjoyment of walking locally and to provide infrastructure, resources and communications strategy to lead the way. The mission may include:

  • Effective strategy for promoting the full walking resource in local neighbourhoods. We inspire through communications messaging; designed materials including leaflets, exhibitions and on-line user friendly interactive maps, social media, interpretation and orientation. Many local people don’t know where they are able to walk, any attractive loops, functional routes and others. We provide them with options, ideas and inspiration.
  • Setting up walking groups and encouraging sharing and the establishment of local groups.  Sharing walking excursions is a great proposition for many. The social benefit is enormous, self-confidence is built and a life style change is activated.

Where we add value:

We combine our specialism in marketing and communications with our well- honed experience in getting people active in the outdoors. We go well beyond producing leaflets. We are strategists and planners who zoom in on the target customer focussing on where they’re coming from and how we can enhance and promote the local amenity resource and the ‘get active’ proposition.

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Meriel YoungOutdoor Physical Activity Promotion

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