CEC Inverleith Festival of Walking & Cycling

Running the events transport consultation hub for City of Edinburgh Council focused on identifying barriers to walking and cycling. For more meaningful data we matched the barriers to specific Edinburgh postcodes. We identified gaps in infrastructure and elements of support required and where shared path use conflicts were arising. We also gathered views (through online survey) on the quality of the event generally and undertook attendee counts. It was a pleasure to employ young people to undertake these monitoring tasks.

Our consultation tent included several interaction hooks and visuals including design consultations, 20mph plans, SRTS and quieter routes, enticing participants to engage and provide feedback. The online survey gathered detailed data which is analysed in the report. A postbox comments box was also provided for people to air views as they saw fit.

The CEC client report is available on request from merielyoung@tiscali.co.uk.

Meriel YoungCEC Inverleith Festival of Walking & Cycling

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